Sergek is a leading AI- powered Traffic & Mobility Platform, specializing in cutting-edge use cases with measurable and impactful outcomes

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Sergek is a leading AI-powered
Traffic & Mobility Platform, specializing in cutting-edge use cases with measurable and impactful outcomes

About Us

Sergek is at the forefront of revolutionizing urban mobility and safety with its leading AI-powered Traffic & Mobility Platform designed for Smart & Sustainable Cities.

By leveraging cutting-edge use cases, Sergek delivers measurable and impactful outcomes that enhance traffic management, enforcement, and overall urban efficiency. The platform boasts rapid integration capabilities, hardware agnosticism, high recognition accuracy, and fast deployment, making it scalable to over 70,000 endpoints. With advanced data analytics, digital trust, and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) coupled with high return on investment (ROI), Sergek sets a new standard in urban mobility solutions.

Sergek's comprehensive suite includes functionalities such as Traffic Management, Traffic Enforcement, Mobile Enforcement Application, Unified Ticketing System, Patrol System for Enforcement Vehicles, and Smart Parking System. These features collectively contribute to significant improvements in road safety, crime reduction, and municipal efficiency.

With an impressive track record, Sergek has achieved a 50% reduction in road mortality accidents, a 40% decrease in public place crimes, and an 8x ROI for city budgets within just three years of operation. This robust platform not only addresses current urban challenges but also paves the way for smarter, more sustainable cityscapes.


Sergek’s smart city portfolio

Traffic Management

Focused on congestion, our Traffic Management solution optimizes traffic signals, flow, and road infrastructure. By implementing intelligent transport systems, we eliminate jams, reduce travel times, and prioritize safety for efficient urban mobility.

  • Data integration
  • Digital twin
  • Multimodal traffic counts
  • Origin-destination analysis
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Integration with external apps and databases
  • Ecological footprint
  • Multiple vendors compatibility
  • Reports generation

Traffic Enforcement

Sergek Traffic Enforcement is an advanced solution designed to promote a secure driving. Apart from AI-enabled violations detection,our solution has proven to be a helpful tool in promoting safety, reducing crime and optimizing the overall quality of life in the cities.
  • Fake number plates identification
  • Vehicle interception
  • Violation statistics
  • Vehicle movement history
  • Emission enforcement
  • Number plate recognition
  • All-points bulletin (APB)
  • Vehicle recognition
  • Number plate search
  • Automated traffic violation detection
Key Impact Metrics:
  1. 40% reduction in the road accident mortality rate
  2. 50% decline in the occurrence of crimes
  3. 2x to 8x revenue increase due to our solution implementation allowed cities to finance educational, social and infrastructural programs.

Mobile Enforcement App

Sergek Mobile Enforcement Application for Field Officers significantly improves compliance with law enforcement and contributes to the reduction of crime in the city.

Achieving 100% efficiency rate in resolving APB cases through the integration of the solution with proactive work of the field officers.
  • User activity logging
  • Administrative fines issuance
  • Comprehensive record-keeping
  • Real-time vehicle identification
  • Dangerous drivers identification
  • Push-notifications
  • Secure information search

Unified Ticketing System

Unified Ticketing System is a centralized web app for managing administrative protocols and streamlining offense registration, ensuring a rapid response from authorities.
  • Real-time notifications
  • Effortless complaints and appeals
  • Repository of administrative cases
  • Integration capability
  • Centralized monitoring and management
  • Violator and vehicle data search
  • Automated violation processing
  • Role-based access
Key Impact Metrics:
  1. ~ 5 seconds from violation detection to processing center delivery
  2. Violation payment is processed in less than 1 minute

Patrol System for Enforcement Vehicles

Patrol System for Enforcement Vehicles enhances law enforcement patrol cars with advanced features for optimized operations and incident investigations.
  • Dynamic data update
  • Patrol vehicle activity tracking
  • Patrol vehicle gps trackin
  • Real-time number plates checking
  • Advanced photo and video recording
  • Recorded events management
  • Data transmission

Smart Parking Enforcement System

Smart Parking Enforcement System intelligently transforms urban parking management, utilizing advanced technology to address illegal parking and offer valuable parking data analytics.
  • Parking data analytics
  • Integration capabilities
  • Real-time parking space availability
  • Automated alerts

Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Think of Us
«On average, the cities where Sergek solution is implemented experience a 50% decrease in accident fatality on the roads and a 50% decrease in the crime rate within the first year of the deployment. The system has demonstrated similar results in both big cities like Almaty, Astana and in smaller cities like Oskemen, Atyrau. Sergek also helped to significantly improve traffic management practices within the cities and understand traffic patterns»
Bagdat Mussin,
Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
«Overall, the Sergek project Ltd. Smart Traffic and Mobility PoC has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. It has demonstrated the potential of smart technologies to transform our urban traffic mobility system, making them more efficient and sustainable.»
Honorable Benjamin B. Magalong,
Baguio City Mayor
«During the implementation of the project, it was possible to notice a huge effect that it had on the improvement of driving discipline and a corresponding reduction in fatal accidents. In addition the system has a positive influence on the law enforcement officers’ work optimization that led to higher disclosure of criminal offenses and bringing the offenders to justice.»
A. Kulbayev,
Head of Administrative Police Department of Almaty City

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